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Facts and Figures
North Macedonia

2.1 million (2020)
Major Cities
Veles, Ohrid, Tetovo, Bitola
GDP per Capita
5,888 USD (2020)
Average Age
39.1 years
Main Industries
agribusiness, food processing, textile, ICT

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Macedonia

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Macedonia has progressed rapidly in the last five years, mainly driven by three actors - entrepreneurs, Startup Macedonia (SM) and the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development (FITD). There is a strong cooperation between Startup Macedonia and FITD on policy (National Startup Council) and boosting the supply of support services and financial instruments available to startups. Moving forward, key challenges remain around startup internationalization, investment and global scaling.

Competitive advantage: well structured and affirmative climate towards startups and startup founders