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Facts and Figures

32.9 million (2020)
Major Cities
Arequipa, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Piura
GDP per Capita
6,126 USD (2020)
Average Age
31 years
Main Industries
mining, fishing, manufacturing, and tourism

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Peru

Peru’s ecosystem flourished with a gov’t program & an “entrepreneurial support” law. These brought access to pre-seed funds and new Support Organizations (ESOs), sparking interest in startups. Auspicious measures are leading to more first-time & serial founders. Agnostic ESO’s are beginning to specialize, and corporations are participating more in Open Innovation. Currently, a Fund of Funds seeks to help close the financial gap and create more scale-ups. Smaller cities are developing their ecosystems to decentralize Lima.

Competitive Advantages: High entrepreneurial spirit, continued macroeconomic growth, & richness in biodiversity.