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Arjola's box of success

Arejola Buzi, the Women Founders Accelerator winner, found an excellent way to pivot and save her business in crisis. We will find out how she went from a service-based business to a product in just three months.

Have you ever wondered what could be inside a box of success? We will discover what Arjola placed in her success box and how she managed to turn her business around in just four months.

Meet Arjola Buzi. She is a young journalist from Tirana who decided to become a party planner. When she developed her business enough to call it a success, she faced a massive challenge - the global COVID-19 pandemic. Classical parties and celebrations were no longer an option, and Arjola was going out of business fast.

While exploring her options and looking for ways to save her company, Arjola came across Women Founders Network Albania. She noticed the acceleration program designed exclusively for female founders, such as herself. She applied, and soon she was one of 10 ladies starting the four-month-long journey of business transformation.

As we will see, this was the program that helped Arjola turn her business around, from failure to success. But before we do that, let's see what exactly a Women Founders Accelerator is? This is a unique program, tailor-made for female founders looking for opportunities to expand their business. The program's creators are Women Founders Network Albania from Tirana and Spring Activator based in Canada. The program received funding support from the EU for Innovation program.

Swiss EP supported the program mainly by advising—Blendina Cara (one of WFNA founders) is our team member in Swiss EP Albania. Swiss EP also recommended Spring Activator to the EU for Innovation program management. As you can see, Swiss EP's impact was everywhere here. Add to this picture a number of Swiss EP experts in the program implementation phase and we are proud to have inspired such collaboration and the creation of a program unique to the entire Western Balkan region.

Now, back to our story - Arjola started her journey as a party planner, providing a service that is no longer relevant due to covid restrictions. During the Women Founders Accelerator program, she pivoted and moved to a different business sphere - production. Recalling her pivoting, she says:

In 2020 our business faced an entirely new market dynamics - the event planning industry had little or no chance of survival. By observing the market, we noticed that product-based companies were delivering and thriving. We also saw that people did not stop celebrating with their families and loved ones despite difficulties and quarantines. Having all of that in mind, we naturally came up with the "Party-in-a-box" idea. With the support of WFNA, we realized that delivering pro party experience in everyone's home would help recover our business and create a meaningful gift to our community.

Arjola Buzi, founder of Aura Events Boutique

Arjola realized that people are still celebrating within the restrictions of the government. This notion gave her the idea of helping people party and her to stay in business. The support she got from the accelerator and the community of women she met there was especially important to her:

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with our business that we miss seeing that the solution is standing right around the corner. WFA taught me that a broad mindset, enhanced techniques, and a supporting and loving community can bring a noticeable long-lasting change in brightening my perspective.

Arjola Buzi, founder of Aura Events Boutique

Arjola was quite resourceful - she managed to pivot, sail her business out of the rough waves of the crisis, and she won the first prize in the WFA demo day. Now, she creates party boxes with a kit that can turn every party into an exceptional occasion.

Her box of success includes all her efforts, knowledge, and a special ingredient:

Surround yourself by supporting women of your caliber! The positive vibes and support are immense. You'd be surprised how much you can learn, create and improve business wise once you become part of such a community.

Arjola Buzi, founder of Aura Events Boutique