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LIQUID Venture Studio Leverages Expertise to Help Corps Tackle Disruptive Innovation

Refusing to be derailed from developing a strong Corporate Venture Building as a Service proposal, LVS continued perfecting their service alongside Swiss EP expert Julio Corredor in mid-2020. Read more about their perseverance and exciting results.

With over a decade working alongside corporates on digital transformation, growth, and design strategies and over 2 years accelerating early-stage startups with hands-on and highly technical support, the LIQUID Venture Studio (LVS) team has a unique track record of delivering value to both corporates and entrepreneurs.

In late 2019, LVS designed a Venture Building proposal for corporations who want to activate disruptive forms of innovation. As the health crisis set in worldwide in Q1 of 2020, they predicted some leads would cool off, but they continued shaping their proposal, nonetheless. LVS believes that through the mechanism of venture building, corporations can shape their open innovation strategies and incorporate entrepreneurs as co-founders. Such mechanisms allow corporations to become more agile and innovative, two crucial capabilities in the face of this pandemic and going forward. The LVS team shares that: “Many corporations have been aggressive in their disruptive innovation plans in this context, some of them may have had no other option but others are acting as true pioneers; transforming the way they deliver value to their stakeholders.”

In May 2020, Julio Corredor, former Director of Innovation and Strategy at Pfizer joined LVS as the first remote Entrepreneur-‘in’-Residence to work with the team on their Venture Building as a service proposal for corporations. Julio’s experience was incredibly relevant, sharing the point of view of a large corporation, and having gone through the process of working with Venture Studios to create new ventures with Pfizer during his time there.

Apart from their 1-on-1 work on the proposal, LVS and Julio designed a webinar about disruptive innovation mechanisms for corporates. Julio brought on board another corporate innovation expert to join a panel of 4 and share experiences about building a venture within a corporation. The webinar held on July 14th had 90+ attendees. Despite fewer hours spent together because of the remote nature of the mission, LVS and Julio developed a close relationship which is a key element of the EIR experience.

After their time working together, Julio and the LVS team kept in touch, especially for guidance on warm leads for the venture building service they had worked together to polish.

At the end of October 2020, LVS shared the incredible news that they had secured their first Venture Building as a Service client. Mauricio Andujar, managing director of LIQUID shares this about the experience with Julio: “Working alongside Julio, helped us a) strengthen our value proposition, b) diversify our operating model and c) capitalize LIQUID’s brand awareness and adjacent expertise to introduce this new line of service in the market” With this opportunity, the LVS team can demonstrate their expertise in working with corporations and startups and leveraging both experiences to help corporate clients innovate. Time will show that any corporate client can feel comfortable getting in the co-pilot seat with disruptive innovation if they have the LVS team along for the ride.