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What is the Recipe for Success in the Balkans?

Valer Pinderi is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Albania, yet you will not read about him in a newspaper. So who is Valer, and what is his recipe for success in the Balkans?

Aladini is the biggest e-commerce platform in Albania. It was built by Valer Pinderi, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. So, who is Valer,and what is his recipe for success?

Our story starts ten years ago when a young entrepreneur with a big dream decided to start a business. He was already in the retail industry, learning the trade, when Valer Pinderi spotted a huge opportunity to bring retail online. With an initial investment of 2000 EUR, made by his father, Valer started his first business, an e-commerce website DyqanTaxi.

Over the years, Valer managed to find ways to scale his business and gain customers. And, as DyqanTaxi grew, he also found a way to gain investors based in Albania. Not just one or two, but nine local business people saw the massive potential of a growing e-commerce platform.

With secured capital and earned business wisdom, Valer grew his business very successfully. DyqanTaxi soon became Aladini, the biggest online store in Albania. Along with running Aladini, Valer founded other e-commerce platforms, and today he heads over ten online brands in the country.

We live in an exciting environment for starting a business—our costs of creating and continuously improving a company are meager. On top of that, the risk we are taking by doing so [starting a business] is very low. Therefore, we are very fortunate to experiment with different business models at the lowest possible costs.

Valer Pinderi, founder of Aladini

Throughout his personal development and the development of businesses he ran, Valer received different types of support. He firmly believes that the primary driver to offer and obtain support is to ensure all parties benefit in the exchange..

At the beginning of my business journey, my father gave me 2000 EUR and supported my initial business efforts. Ever since, different investors and partners have supported me. In my opinion, the principal support mechanism is the benefit—the ones who supported me must see the clear advantage for doing that.

Valer Pinderi, founder of Aladini

Valer benefited from talking to several Swiss EP experts, including Mirela Yordanova (Associate at Launchub Ventures), and Igor Madžov (Swiss EP investment facilitator). In turn, Valer is always willing to share his expertise and help emerging entrepreneurs.

I gladly and willingly support emerging entrepreneurs with my know-how. A few years ago, I started my YouTube channel Sipermarres where I give before I am asked. I share all my insights on e-commerce and the startup world on that channel, and I offer advice on how to start a business and what to do.

Valer Pinderi, founder of Aladini

Valer brings a breath of fresh air and inspiration to young Albanian entrepreneurs who are eager to see someone from their neighborhood succeed. With his rich knowledge and experience, his willingness to take the first step and share, and his ability to motivate local business people to invest in home-grown talent, Valer is an invaluable contributor to the Balkans ecosystem.

In the end, when asked what the recipe for success in the Balkans region is, he replied:

There is no region; there is only the world. So do not think regionally; think globally, and you will be successful.

Valer Pinderi, founder of Aladini