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Apicoo Robotics: Leading the Way in Cobot Manufacturing in Vietnam

Apicoo Robotics, founded by Dr. Võ Gia Lộc, is a testament to the limitless innovation in robotics. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Lộc introduced pioneering collaborative robots, or "cobots," to the Vietnamese market in 2020.

In the world of robotics, innovation knows no bounds, and Apicoo Robotics, founded by Dr. Võ Gia Lộc, is a testament to this truth. With over two decades of experience in robotics, Dr. Lộc embarked on a journey to bring pioneering collaborative robots, or "cobots," to the Vietnamese market in 2020. His vision was clear: to provide value to the Vietnamese market through cutting-edge technology.

The Potential of Cobots in the Vietnamese Market

Automation is on the rise globally, driven by the application of new technologies, including robots and automated production lines. In recent years, a new player has emerged on the global robotics scene - collaborative robots, or cobots. These compact, sturdy, and flexible robots have the ability to work in confined spaces across various industries. What sets them apart from traditional industrial robots is their affordability and low setup costs.

Cobots come with safety features that allow human workers to collaborate with them at close quarters without needing safety barriers. This feature opens up new possibilities for businesses of all sizes to embrace automation. In Vietnam, cobots have found applications in industries such as automotive, electronics, textiles, footwear, and food processing. They enable human workers to focus on creative tasks and data analysis, freeing them from monotonous and repetitive jobs.

Apicoo Robotics: Pioneering Cobot Manufacturing in Vietnam

Apicoo Robotics stands at the forefront of cobot manufacturing in Vietnam. Founded by Dr. Võ Gia Lộc, who holds a doctorate and has conducted extensive research and work in the international robotics landscape, Apicoo Robotics is rewriting the narrative of automation in Vietnam. Dr. Lộc's journey in robotics began with his work on Indy7, a modern collaborative robot designed by Neuromeka in South Korea, which gained significant traction in the global market. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make robotics on his terms, he returned to Vietnam in 2020 to establish Apicoo Robotics.

Apicoo is one of the first Vietnamese companies to develop industrial cobots. (Photo: Apicoo)

Through meticulous research and development, coupled with a deep understanding of the latest global advancements in robot gripper technology, Dr. Lộc invented SusGrip, Apicoo's intelligent robot gripper with the largest gripping range on the market. It boasts absolute sensor capabilities, eliminating the need for adjustments and ensuring precision in robot applications. With its parallel gripping feature, SusGrip provides convenience and ease of use for users.

Apicoo's Vision and Achievements

Apicoo Robotics has already achieved significant milestones. Notably, the company was selected as one of the top 60 startups in the K-Startup Grand Challenge of South Korea. This program, supported by the South Korean government, aims to attract and nurture promising foreign startups in South Korea.

Additionally, Apicoo Robotics recently signed an investment agreement with the BK Fund, a venture capital fund of BK Holdings - Swiss EP’s Partner Organization. This partnership further solidifies Apicoo's position as a key player in the Vietnamese cobot industry.

Apicoo Robotics officially signed an investment contract with the BK Fund - Creative Entrepreneurship at Hanoi University of Science and Technology on July 8, 2023. (Photo: BK Holdings)

Mentoring and Support from EIRs and programs at Swiss EP

Behind the scenes, Apicoo Robotics received invaluable mentoring and support from various Swiss EP programs and a dedicated team of Entrepreneur-in-Residences (EIRs) provided through BK Holding’s Lab2Market incubator. Early in 2023, Apicoo had the privilege of collaborating with EIR Srinivasan Arjun Tekalur. Arjun brought a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the table, engaging in profound discussions with the Apicoo team to refine their strategies and vision.

“Robotic automation is on the rise, and the demand for grippers is set to increase further. To succeed, Loc and Apicoo should solidify their position in their primary segment. Expanding internationally may require them to develop additional gripper variants tailored for diverse markets.” - Arjun noted.

In conclusion, Apicoo Robotics is a shining example of innovation and entrepreneurship in Vietnam's robotics industry. With Dr. Võ Gia Lộc's leadership and the support of mentors like Arjun, initiatives like the Lab2Market program, and the collaborative spirit of the ecosystem, Apicoo Robotics is paving the way for a new era of automation and technological advancement in Vietnam.