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Impact data

Swiss EP data overview for year 2023.

In each of the countries we operate we collect data from the organizations we support and from their startups. Our partner organizations are incubators, accelerators, startup studios, business angel networks, co-working spaces, venture capital funds, etc. We provide on-demand expertise and capacity-building to maximize the chances of success of the supported startups and, therefore, also the long-term sustainability of our partners.

With this overview, we present the aggregate impact of the partners and startups supported by Swiss EP.

To know more about Swiss EP's footprint beyond numbers, we invite you to read stories of the entrepreneurs, partners, and ecosystems we support.


Read some of the startups' success stories in Vietnam, Serbia, Peru and North Macedonia.

Find out more about the VC landscape in Peru, innovative funding solutions in Vietnam and how the funding opportunities and challenges startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina are facing.

Learn how informal communities established a continuous support for women entrepreneurs in Kosovo, meet the new generation of female founders in North Macedonia and find out more about support for female founders in Peru.

Read about tailor-made support for startups in Vietnam, unique community of founders started by the founders in Serbia and about a very specific association in Albania.

Check out the interesting ways of connecting mentors and startups started at Founders Retreat in Albania and Founders Retreat in Kosovo, and read more about collaboration between corporates and startups in Peru facilitated by different mentors