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Peer Exchange Meetup

Peer Exchange Meetup

Ecosystem builders provide the sparks that ignite vibrant startups ecosystem, but while the individual entrepreneurs they support go on to get funding, press, and notoriety, the builders often stay on the sidelines.

But they need support, resources, and motivation to keep igniting the ecosystem, as well as to shift their mindset from one of competition within ecosystems to one of collaboration. Our peer exchange meetup brings together leaders of accelerators, incubators, angel networks, VC funds, and other people focused on building the startup communities in the countries we support to learn from and collaborate with each other.

We provide physical and mental space for ecosystem builders to share best practices and biggest challenges, brainstorm solutions, and talk about the most burning topics around building viable ecosystems by connecting them to ecosystem builders from more developed communities and each other.

The next Peer Exchange Meetup takes place March 30-April 3 2020 - we will launch the subpage shortly.