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WEW 2019

»This was truly inspiring. So Powerful«

The second edition of the women entrepreneurs week ended on Friday, March 15, 2019 with a well visited public pitch. 6 finalists, who convinced the jury on Thursday most, could present their ventures to a wider audience and in front of a high level jury. These ventures only represented a fraction of great startup ideas evolving out of Peru, Vietnam and the Western Balkans. The 3 ventures coming first were Paola Mego with Qimi, Maria del Mar with Crack the Code and Natalija Burgieva with MamaOrgana

“This was truly inspiring. So Powerful” mentioned one guest, a Zurich-based Headhunter during the break, while the high-level jury was discussing the deliberation of the prizes.

20 talented and smart female founders from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Peru, Serbia and Vietnam with diverse business ideas, ranging from SaaS projects, to smart hardware, food and tourism, gathered for one week in Zurich to learn, share and work hard to bring their venture to the next level – and to network with each other and the Swiss startup community. Bojana Mumović Peruško, Co-founder of FeJuice from Serbia comes to the point that: “If you are surrounded with such amazing women for the whole week, it makes you humble, but at the same time proud to be the part of that crowd. This great energy inspires and changes perspective.”