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About us

Our approach

The heart of any startup ecosystem is the community of entrepreneurs themselves. And community is built bottom-up rather than top-down.

This is why our activities start with local ecosystem support organizations, leaders and entrepreneurs who have an intrinsic motivation to move ahead - and continue by following the agenda they have set.

Through our network of international entrepreneurs and subject matter experts we support our partners to strengthen performance, improve programs and deliver services of high value to their entrepreneurs, through strategic practical advice and valuable international connections.

What we believe

  • We believe education and exposure to entrepreneurs, startup professionals, mentors and investors from around the world shifts mindsets.
  • We believe that collaboration among entrepreneurs within a country and with international mentors and investors are keys to building strong entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  • We believe that when people have the mindset, resources, and inspiration, and work hard to start and scale their business, they generate growth and prosperity for their country and well-being for their citizens.

What support we offer

Peer knowledge-sharing: We find entrepreneurs with a track record from around the world. They travel in-country or join our global events to share their expertise, experience and passion for entrepreneurship. They are subject-matter professionals in management, marketing, branding, content, finance, investment, etc. and have experience building co-working spaces, designing entrepreneurship programs, and mentoring. They share their experience through practical workshops, inspirational talks, lectures, and 1:1 meetings.

Connections: Our international entrepreneurs frequently make introductions to people in their network. These connections provide ecosystem builders with inspiration and growth strategies for their organizations and programs, as well as individual startups with advice on how to scale, expand globally and when and where to fundraise.

Community-building: Early-stage startup ecosystems often don’t have the resources or expertise to serve entrepreneurs in all stages – from the moment a person has an idea, to how to scale their growing business, all the way to fundraising. Because we develop relationships with many ecosystem builders, we see gaps more readily and can recommend collaboration opportunities that support the startup environment as a whole.

Our ultimate goal is to make ourselves irrelevant. To do this, the ecosystem builders need to drive their own development towards a self-sustainable business model. They drive. We support.

What we don’t do

Hand-hold: Local organizations are in charge of their own change process, so they choose the support they need and we ensure it is tailor-made for them.

Subsidize: We do not fund or subsidize the organizations we work with.

Give direction: Our program does not focus on specific verticals or sectors, age groups, or segments. It is the ecosystem’s decision to determine who they serve, not ours.

Run our own programs: Everything we do is in support of local ecosystem builders because we believe in their ability to create the solutions to the problems they see in the market. Thus, we do not run our own programs, but exist solely to support theirs.

Countries we serve

  • Albania
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Kosovo
  • North Macedonia
  • Peru
  • Serbia
  • Vietnam