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From Agriculture to Entrepreneurship: The BizCare Revolution

Swiss EP proudly supports Vietnam's startup scene, empowering partners for entrepreneurial success. BizCare's success, led by Dr. Dam Quang Thang, exemplifies international collaboration's power to drive positive change and foster entrepreneurship.

Swiss EP is always proud to contribute to the startup and innovation ecosystem in Vietnam, helping partners become competent players in the entrepreneurial community. The success of BizCare, driven by Dr. Dam Quang Thang's vision, is a shining example of international collaboration's potential to bring positive change and foster entrepreneurial growth in Vietnam.

Transitioning from a PhD in Agriculture to Founder of BizCare and Chairman of the National Startup Advisory Board

Dr. Dam Quang Thang, a former student of Agriculture at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture, has embarked on a journey filled with challenges and successes, ultimately becoming an Innovative Startup Expert. Having previously overseen marketing and imports and exports for a leading agricultural supply company in Vietnam, he accumulated valuable knowledge in this field.

Dr. Thang never ceased to dream in making a positive impact on the startup scene in Vietnam. His enthusiasm and spirit of integration drove him to establish Agricare Vietnam, focusing on converging agriculture with the application of information technology.

Beyond just doing business, Dr. Thang dedicated valuable time to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. He actively served as the Chairman of the Vietnam Startup Mentors Alliance (VSMA).

BizCare: Sustainable business growth and Positive social impact in Vietnam

In 2020, Dr. Thang established BizCare with a vision to transform the startup landscape in Vietnam. BizCare was built upon empathy and understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face. The company created a platform that offers business health checks, develops tailored strategies, and provides comprehensive guidance in all aspects of entrepreneurship. They expanded operations to support startups from inception, transferring their innovative model to universities and enhancing the local community spirit.

BizCare’s programs in 2023 - (Photo: BizCare)

Dr. Thang, the Managing Director of BizCare, now the Managing Director of BizCare, describes their services: "We assist businesses in solving business issues, optimizing processes, and enhancing long-term growth and sustainability. BizCare hopes to shorten the journey for CEOs and founders."

"Support the Community, the Community will support you"

Established during the COVID-19 pandemic, BizCare has undergone a challenging journey. Nevertheless, with a strong faith in the values they bring to the community, BizCare has continuously thrived and succeeded. Many businesses supported by BizCare have also made new strides in their business operations, including Truong Foods, Bh.Nong, and An Thai Hung.

In just three years of development, BizCare has supported and stood by nearly 30 startups across Vietnam, helping them overcome initial challenges and succeed. BizCare has become a reliable partner, fostering development and promoting innovation within the Vietnamese startup community.

"Throughout its journey of supporting the community, BizCare has also received tremendous support from the community, notably from Swiss EP and their experienced international experts," shared Dr. Thang.

"The support and collaborative opportunities with international experts, such as Enrico Fantini, Martin Kenneth Lopez, Chin Hing Chang, and Michelle Lane Messina through the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIRs) program, have provided BizCare with invaluable learning opportunities and a profound understanding of the startup landscape. Consequently, BizCare has developed support programs and services tailored to the startup community in Northern Vietnam and across the entire country."

EIR Chin Hing Chang engaged with the Social Impact Business (SIB) community during the Gathering in Hanoi in June 2023 - (Photo: BizCare)

BizCare's development over the years is a testament to the strength of the startup community. It also serves as an example of how international support programs, such as Swiss EP, can create positive change and drive the growth of the startup community.