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Swiss EP events – a greenhouse for collaboration

Swiss EP organises bootcamps for female founders in Switzerland and provides a platform for collaboration. And in the case of two driven entrepreneurs from Peru, this encounter resulted in an investment.

Swiss EP events – a greenhouse for collaboration

As founders of fintech companies, Claudia Quintanilla (Rextie) and Amparo Nalvarte (Culqui) knew they had many things in common: They were both technologically curious women entrepreneurs, passionate about finance and cruising the journey of leading a start-up in Peru. What they didn’t know was the passion they shared for creating a change in the world through the development of new inclusive financial services.

Being part of a budding start-up ecosystem meant crossing paths, but with minimal free time to truly strengthen connections, Claudia and Amparo were merely acquaintances. Quite unexpectedly, this changed. Due to their outstanding work and engagement they were summoned to form part of the Peruvian delegation for the Swiss EP Women Entrepreneurs Week, that took place in March 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. Both, though in different stages in their careers, were intrigued by the opportunity and decided it was well worth taking the time to participate. Claudia attended as an entrepreneur and Amparo as a mentor.

In Switzerland, they found themselves in spaces that enabled them to dig deeper. The atmosphere of friendly competition, and tough yet valuable tasks they participated in during the week-long event allowed them to bond and learn about their companies and personal quest. They got along so well that even Claudia, who prefers to be alone before giving a big pitch, invited Amparo over the night before semi-finals to hang out, stopping only upon realizing that while they were engrossed in conversation, the sun was beginning to rise again.

But the action that followed this event- no one could have predicted. Thanks to the Swiss EP getaway these founders left as friends who shared values and aspirations. Shortly before the trip, Amparo became the first fintech in Peru to achieve an exit, but she did not attend with an investor’s mentality. However, shortly after returning she decided to become an investor, looking to invest in what she knew best: fintech. Claudia and the Rextie team were the perfect candidates. Today, Claudia and Amparo are extremely thankful to be working together. Amparo’s entrepreneurial experience helps her as an investor because she “lets them work” and is available 24/7 if the Rextie team needs her.

Swiss EP seeks to provide the proper setting for ecosystem actors to come together and collaborate. During the Women Entrepreneurs Week, Claudia and Amparo were given the right conditions to nurture their relationship. And Peru has a case of an entrepreneur investing in a start-up, inspiring other entrepreneurs to continue pushing onward in their journey to success.

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