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Facts and Figures

6.9 million (2020)
Major Cities
Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Čačak
GDP per Capita
7,666 USD (2020)
Average Age
41.6 years
Main Industries
motor vehicles, food processing, agriculture, information technology

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Serbia

The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Serbia has moved beyond the early stage of development. Organizations are creating tailor-made startup support programs. Funding is available from the government (Innovation Fund Serbia) and private sector (angels, funds). Startups are diversified and specialized into verticals such as deep tech, fintech, agritech, IoT, resulting in the development of Serbia’s globally competitive gaming industry. The challenge of scaling and growing a business remains the major concern of Serbian entrepreneurs.

Competitive advantage: presence of different startup verticals and vibrant pool of tech talents