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Quantum Workflow—from Idea to Launch

How long does it take for a startup to complete the journey from idea to product launch? Story about Quantum Workflow should paint the picture.

Last time we checked, Quantum Workflow was a concept waiting to be built. Today, it's a product ready for launch.

Quantum Workflow is a startup from Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, building a two-sided marketplace for connecting people in need of IT services and freelancers who can provide them. Back in 2021, when we published our last story about the team, they were looking for a suitable way to structure and build this marketplace.

Two years later, Quantum Workflow is ready to launch its product and welcome new users. Mladen Mijatović, CEO and co-founder, explains:

Quantum Workflow is now entering a planned launch in three consequent phases. At the moment, we are in the first phase dedicated to our early users and close connections. The next stage will include a wider selection of users and a second tier of our contacts. Finally, after validating the MVP’s usability and user happiness, we plan a public launch where we'll allow an uncontrolled flow of users to the platform.

It took a lot of work for the entire Quantum Workflow team to reach this milestone. At the beginning of their journey, the team attended different idea-stage programs, such as Tech Boost, gaining business knowledge, connections, and mentoring support, and then, moving into development, working closely with Swiss EP expert Luka Sučić.

The team later searched for a way to start incorporation and add new hires. Due to limited financial support available in BIH, they opened an LLC in Serbia and qualified for the assistance of Innovation Fund Serbia (IFS). They soon enrolled in the IFS Smart Start program, which is designed to provide early-stage startups with mentoring and financial support on their way to developing their MVP.

While working on their MVP, the team started thinking about launching and releasing the initial version of their platform. To plan their growth and marketing strategies, Mladen and team benefited from the support of Maja Voje, another Swiss EP expert. Mladen explains:

Maja is such an out-of-the-box thinker. Her approach to growth-hacking has changed our views on marketing and led us to form alternative views on scaling our startup. Together, we made a clear pathway for the next steps in our marketing. However, the most significant benefit we gained from Maja is knowledge of learning, growing, and doing research in the upcoming stages.

Maja also shared her excitement:

I love the team and appreciate the opportunity to support their work. So much work is still to be done there, but the work is paying off. Quantum Workflow is a bridge between strong verified talent (freelancers, even small agencies) and clients whose everyday job is not to lead development projects. And I genuinely believe that they will be a success.

With the public release planned for the spring of 2023, we asked Mladen what is next for Quantum Workflow.

We are currently looking for funding that would allow us to form a full-time team and help us prepare to scale to a broader market.

Hopefully, our next story about Quantum Workflow will be about market expansion and internationalization, sales, and investments. Till then, we wish them much success in their work.