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True Juice – The enzyme of a healthy life

Women-owned enterprises currently account for a little more than 20% of all businesses in Vietnam and create over 1.63 million jobs. Time to jump in?

When Tran Thanh Huyen returned to Hanoi from studying abroad, she started working for a big corporation. As the months went on, she realized the pressures of work were taking their toll on her body. It was time for a change.

She was already incorporating yoga into her routine, even teaching classes, but she was searching for more. She started making her own cold-press juice to refuel after her yoga sessions, initially for her own consumption, and then gradually supplying her colleagues as well.

Women-owned enterprises currently account for a little more than 20% of all businesses in Vietnam and create over 1.63 million jobs.
Was it time for Huyen to jump in?

The early favorable responses to her juices convinced Huyen there was a need and opportunity to help people access a source of healthy energy at work.
True Juice was born.

Instead of the traditional centrifugal method, True Juice uses a cold press technique to retain the nutritional value found in organic fruits and vegetables sourced from local suppliers. The superior quality of the produce, unique production process, and Huyen’s own juice recipes are True Juice’s key differentiators.

Those and delivery service. Huyen’s goal is to be the new option for people in Vietnam looking for natural, safe, and delicious juices and foods, by making them easy to access from home or work. Bouncing into the room on the way to lead a yoga class, Huyen explains:

“I am trying to create a convenient service to help people commit to a healthy lifestyle, by creating a community to help them be engaged and supported with all things healthy”

True Juice is central to creating this community and it has also secured strategic partnerships to form a retail and distribution ecosystem, creating a one-stop-shop experience for customers seeking healthy products.

Facebook is True Juice's main sales channel, helping to bring in more than 70% of the company’s revenue. 60% of promotional and marketing activities are also done through Facebook with the balance provided by its website and blog. The digital platform helps True Juice assert brand value, reach new customers, maintain customer information, and connect other services.

Bottled juice has been booming recently in Vietnam, putting True Juice under pressure to grow and scale-up to compete. Huyen and her colleagues are optimizing all resources, including the support provided by the WISE accelerator, a program supported by Swiss EP that Huyen joined early in her journey. She also had the good fortune of participating in the Swiss EP Women Entrepreneurs Week Program in Switzerland where she connected with other entrepreneurs and international mentors, expanding her goals and developing new growth strategies.

Both experiences connected her to valuable contacts and networks, providing mentor and peer support, and also inspired her in her journey as a woman entrepreneur:

“Women are not just women. When you have a good cause and intention, with a clear mission, you will be given support to pursue it. Maybe being a woman has more advantages than I thought”.

Being selected to participate in the WISE accelerator and the Swiss EP Women’s Entrepreneur Program, also provided Huyen more visibility to promote True Juice and capture the attention of media outlets.

True Juice has found momentum to grow, even through the challenges brought on by the pandemic. As for Huyen, the love and gratitude from True Juice community members offering feedback and inspiring stories on their journey to staying healthier and more positive remain her eternal motivation.